Sacred Yantra Foil with picture of Great 115 Year Old Guru Monk Luang Phor Simplii, and Sacred Mineral Paste, for Increasing Riches and Protection from Illnesses and Dangers – Luang Phu Simplii – Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit 2555 BE

Sacred Yantra with Luang Phu Simplii Image for wealth and safety

Luang Phu Simplee


produced these amulets out of the need to raise funds for the building of a large Buddha statue at his temple. The Putta Pisek Blessing of Amulets witnessed a Miracle of a swarm of Dragonflies circling over the Ceremonial Area as the Dragonfly Yantra and Takrut amulets (and other amulets in the series) were empowered. Luang Phor is Famous for his Magic Civara Robe that stopped an M16 rifle from firing at him.

He is 115 Years old and has constantly got healthier and more agile as the years pass since his 95th year, showing yet another Miraculous occurrence due to his Great Powers arising from Practice and the Wicha he learned from the Semi-Immortal Luang Phu Taep Loke Udorn.

Dragonfly yantra on rear face

Biography of Luang Phu Simplii – Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit

Phaen Yant Maeng Por Riak Sap (dragonfly calling treasures Yantra) – Car, Shop or House blessing for Increased Prosperity – Luang Phu Simplii – Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit 2555 BE