Luang Por Mum Intabanyo Wat Prasat Yer

Luang Por Mum Intabanyo

1515Pra Kroo Prasat Khantakun, or, Luang Por Mum IntabanyoPra Kroo Prasat Khantakun, or, ‘Luang Por Mum Intabanyo‘, was the abbot of Wat Prasat Yer Temple in Sri Saket, and is one of the great Tudong Masters of the Isan Country.

Luang Por Mum lived from 2429 BE to 2522 BE. He ordained at the age of 12 as a Samanera, and remained pure as a Bhikkhu Monk until his death at the age of 93.

During his ordained life, he spent many years living in the mountainous jungles of the Thai-Khmer border regions, mastering his Kammathana Mindfulness and Wicha Akom sorcery. After many years, he returned to stay at Wat Prasat Yer, which was the municipality in which he was born, and remained there to perfect his practice, and to use the powers found in his years of practice in the forest, to do charitable deeds for the people of his home region.

His amulets enjoy a cult status, with collectors of the Genre, especially his Rian Kanajarn Monk Coins, which were released in various years, all editions becoming Pra Niyom category preferred amulets. They were released in the following years;

2507 BE saw the release of the ‘Rian Run Raek‘ first edition coin, which was collected in two models, ‘Pim Sor Hang San’ (short tailed Thai letter ส), and the ‘Pim Sor Hang Yaw’ (long tailed Thai letter ส). Various other amulets were released which are still in need of further documentation,
2508 BE saw the release of the Riang Glom Luang Por Mum coin, which was made to distribure to local devotees who visited the temple to pray, practice Dhamma, and make Merits of Almsgiving.

Below; Rian Run Raek Pim Sor Hang Yaw

2509 BE saw a series of different amulets released sponsored by the committee of devotees of Luang Por Mum. Not all amulets in this edition were documented for posterity, for a complete documentation of the pantheon has still to be compiled. Those which are known are; the Pra Kring Sor Gor, 1st edition finger rings, Roop Tai photos of Luang Por Mum, Roop Lor Boran Loi Ongk Statuette in the image of Luang Por Mum, the 1st edition Takrut, and the Rian Luang Por Bun Ma coin which was made in reverence for Luang Phu Bun Ma, who was one of Luang Por Mum’s Kroo Ba Ajarn. A large Buddha Abhiseka ceremony was given to bless the dition, with a number of some of the greatest Master Monks of that Era present to assist in blessings and empowerment.

2510 BE saw the release of the Rian Sorng Ajarn monk coin with Luang Phu Bun Ma on one side, and Luang Por Mum on the other side of the coin. This edition also saw Pha Yant, Takrut, and various models of Muan Sarn Sacred Powder amulets released.

Below; Rian Sorng Ajarn Luang Por Mum Wat Prasat Yer Nuea

Rian Sorng Ajarn Luang Por Mum Wat Prasat Yer Nuea

2512 BE saw the release of the Pra Chaiyawat Luang Por Mum, which was in truth the second edition Pra Kring after the Pra Kring Gor Sor 3 years before. This 2512 BE edition also featured the Rian Roop Arm coin, and the 3rd edition Finger Ring

Below: Pra Chaiyawat (Pra Kring) 2512 BE – Luang Por Mum

Pra Chaiyawat 2512 BE Luang Por Mum

2514-2515 BE saw the release of the Rian Tao reed (clothes press amulet), and the Rian Por Bor Ror coin, and of course Luang Por Mum’s famous ‘Pra Somdej Lai Suea’ tiger-stripes pattern Muan Sarn Sacred Powder Votive Tablet Buddha amulet, was released in this year. The Pra Somdej Lai Suea is an extremely popular amulet which is rarely seen, due to its legendary powers, and its aesthetic beauty and rarity. Also this timespan saw the release of the Rian Tee Tam Ngaan Sor Por Or Mueang coin, and the Rian Arm Hlang Por-Bor-Ror coin amulets. Later that year the Rian Sala Garn Bprian coin (also known as ‘Rian Hnaa Ban’) was released, the Rian Glom Run Pised special release round monk coin, the Hwaen Por-Bor-Ror Royal Insignia finger ring, anda large pantheon of other kinds of amulets were distributed in these years.

Below; Rian Glom Run Pised Coin Amulet Luang Por Mum

Rian Glom Run Pised Coin Amulet Luang Por Mum

2516 BE – Luang Por Mum released a large pantheon of Muan Sarn Sacred Powder amulets, in various shapes and designs, both at Wat prasat Yer Nuea, and also at the temples of Wat Maha Puttaram, and Wat Pra Dto. Some of the more well known models (Pim) released, were; Pra Somdej Hlang Roop Muean Luang Por Mum, Pra Somdej Hlang Luang Por Mum Han Khang, Pra Somdej Jumbo, Pra Somdej Pim Pratan Porn, and the Roop Muean Nuea Wan Herbal powder Cameo amulet.

Below; Pra Somdej Hlang Roop Muean Luang Por Mum

Pra Somdej Hlang Roop Muean Luang Por Mum Intabanyo

The year 2516 also saw one of the most interesting amulets with an amazing story behind them released, when a regiment of G.I.s from the United States arrived in Udorn Thani in preparation to fight the Vietnam War. The American soldiers took some of Luang Por Mum’s amulets to shoot at with their guns to test if their magic was real or not. It turned out that their guns would not fire, and so the G.I.s were amazed and filled with faith in Luang Por Mum. they thus traveled to the temple in Sri Saket, and asked if they could fund an edition as sponsors, to make for protection. And so the famous Papa Mum coin (PAPAMUM) was made by the G.I. soldiers, along with some Pra Somdej with english writing on them, and some small round Pim Jantr Loi Muan Sarn Sacred Powder amulets also with english writing.

Below; Rian PAPAMUM 2516 BE – Nuea Tong Daeng Rom Dam

Rian Papamum Luang Por Mum

2517 BE – Pra Ajarn Fern, the abbot of Wat Intrawiharn (Bang Khun Prohm) in Bangkok, collaborated with the Munlaniti Prasat Khantakun Foundation of Luang Por Mum to create an edition of amulets, blessed by Luang Por Mum at Wat Prasat yer Nuea, which were then given to Pra Ajarn Fern to take to Wat Intr (Wat Bang Khun Prohm) to empower further and distribute. The amulets were distributed and funds from donations of devotees were used to pay for the construction of a wall around the Uposatha shrineroom of Wat Samakee Patanaram temple, and to perform restorations at Wat Prasat Yer.

This edition saw the ‘Rian Nak Glaam’ ‘Muscleman’ coin amulet, which had two block press molds, one from Wat Intrawiharn, and one from Wat Prasat Yer. The ‘Rian Chang Sam Siarn’ 3 headed Erawan elephant God coin was also released along with some Pra Pong Roop Muean Pasom Sen Gesa powder cameo amulet of Luang Por Mum with monk hairs in the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders. The Pra Pidta Nuea Wan 108, some Roop Lor Loi Ongk Statuettes, other Roop Muean Powder amulets, Lockets, Takrut Tone Nuea Ngern silver Yantra scroll amulet, some Pha Yant Yantra cloths, some Hwaen magic rings, and a batch of See Pheung Nam Man Prai Metta Balm.

Below; Rian Nak Glam 2517 BE – Nuea Tong Daeng

Rian Nak Glam Luang Por Mum

2519 BE saw Luang Por Mum reach his 90th year of life, and the comittee of devotees created an edition to celebrate the occasion, which included the Rian Cheed Sum Ganok, iin two models, the ‘Baeb Mee Hoo’ (with pendant hole) and ‘Baeb Mai Mee Hoo’ (without pendant hole), the Hwaen Tor Bor Kor finger ring, some Roop Lor Loi Ongk Statuettes, Takrut amulets, and other Talismanic Charms

Below; Rian Cheed Sum Ganok Luang Por Mum

Rian Cheed Sum Ganok Luang Por Mum

2520 BE – the Bangkok Bank company asked permission to donate and make merits to create and sponsor the Rian Dork Bua Lotus coin amulet, in two models, the Pim Hnaa (thick) and Pim Bang (thin).The coin has a lotus design insignia on it which is also the logo of the bangkok Bank, and was released along with some Pra Nakprok powder amulets, some Roop Lor Loi Ongk Statuettes, Bucha statues, Takrut and Pha Yant.

Below; Rian Dork Bua Bangkok Bank Edition Amulet Luang Por Mum

Rian Dork Bua Bangkok Bank Edition Amulet Luang Por Mum

The Roop Lor Loi Ongk Statuette’s Takrut and Talismanic Charms, such as his Magic Rings, are legendary for the many stories of miraculous events with devotees who wore his amulets, especially during the Indo-China – Vietnam Wartimes. The famous 2516 BE PAPAMUM coin of the American G.I. sponsorship is considered to be a Miracle amulet with powerful Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad Maha Ud magic.

The ‘Krueang Rang’ Talismanic Occult charms of Luang Por Mum were manyfold, including ‘Hwaay Look Nimit’ Rattan Arahant Balls, See Pheung, Pha Yant, Rianr R.5 (Rama 5), Roop Tai *(Monk Photos), Mai Phai Dtan Magic Bamboo, Mitmor ritual knives, many kinds of Takrut large and small, and carved Animist Charms in ivory, wood, bone and tooth. His talismanic charms were not made with a particular uniform design, mostly with each amulet looking individual, and made by hand one by one.