Luang Por Thai Buddhist Guru Monk Biographies and Amulets

Biographies of the Thai Buddhist Master Monks, and their Amulets

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Tudong Master Luang Phu Khui - Gaeji Ajarn Master Monk of Wat Sap Takian

Tudong Tales Luang Phu Khui Wat Sap Takian

The first of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood’s new online series of ‘Tudong Tales’ audio talk videos recounting the adventures of Master Monks during Tudong Forest Wanderings of the 13 Dhutanka rules...

Por tan Khun Juea

Wicha Ngoe Heng Lucky Lottery Magic of Luang Phor Tan Jao Khun Juea

Wicha Ngoe Heng The Wicha for which Phor Tan Juea is now the Number One World Master of, and for which Fast results are the reason for its fame, is...

Dragonfly Yantra Thai Amulet Luang Phor Simplee 115 Year Old Monk

Sacred Yantra Foil with picture of Great 115 Year Old Guru Monk Luang Phor Simplii, and Sacred Mineral Paste, for Increasing Riches and Protection from Illnesses and Dangers – Luang...