Luang Por Hyord of Wat Gaew Jaroen

Biography of Luang Por Hyord (Wat Gaew Jaroen)

Luang Por Hyord – Wat Gaew Jaroen

Luang Por Hyord, of Wat Gaew Jaroen is a Great Deceased Master of the Samutr Songkram Province, whose amulets are extremely powerful and preferred in the amulet scene . Luang Por Hyord’s ability to empower amulets with Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad Metta Maha Niyom Maha Lap Maha Pokasap magic was legendary, and his many kinds of amulets are all extremely favoured, and seldom seen in circulation, for they are mostly all long since in the collections of devotees.

The amulets of Luang Por Hyord are immensely favoured in the central region of Thailand, and of course extremely so in the Samutr Songkram Province above all.

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