Wicha Ngoe Heng The Wicha for which Phor Tan Juea is now the Number One World Master of, and for which Fast results are the reason for its fame, is the Lucky Numbers Wicha Ngoe Heng Duang Dee. The Wicha has been made as a Coin and Yantra Cloth, for Lottery Number Divination and Wealth […]

Sacred Yantra Foil with picture of Great 115 Year Old Guru Monk Luang Phor Simplii, and Sacred Mineral Paste, for Increasing Riches and Protection from Illnesses and Dangers – Luang Phu Simplii – Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit 2555 BE Luang Phu Simplee   produced these amulets out of the need to raise funds for […]