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Luang Phor – Thai Guru Monks, biographies, how to worship Monk Amulets

Welcome to the new Luang Phor Dot Com website. Upcoming features are; Articles section (blogs and info about various Luang Phors and their Temples, their latest amulets, activities, newsflashes)
Our Amulet store is designed to surf on the basis of seeking the amulets by the Luang Phor who made them, and is thus an Amulet showroom for those who practice Guru Worship and are devotees of particular Luang Phors
Please revisit as we will be adding new pages with Biographies and tales of the hundreds of Great Luang Phor Thai Guru Monks, how to worship them, their amulets, and their respective Kata Chants, galleries of the many Thai Guru Monks and their Sacred Powers, Ceremonies and Occult Practice.